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Genee Vision Elite II Visualiser

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Genee Vision Elite II Visualiser

Designed to work perfectly with our G-Touch range of interactive touchscreens, our Genee Vision visualisers enable presenters to display objects on an interactive screen, whiteboard or computer to large audiences during live presentations.

Visualisers can capture still images and video and, when combined with software such as Genee Toolbar and Genee Spark, enable you to annotate, highlight and draw over the objects and save your annotation as an image or video file.


The motorised camera head allowing you to rotate the camera vertically up to 330°. You can scroll through a document or object. This feature also allows you to project yourself doing a live demonstration. freeing you from the restrictions.


A Genee visualiser seamlessly integrates with your touchscreen or video conferencing system. Presentations become much more flexible and dynamic.


You may have a situation where you want to split screen your images, mirror them, image capture etc. but what if you lost your remote. The Premium Visualiser Range all come with on-board controls for quick and convenient access to all features.


You’ve executed your presentation and you’ve handed out a copy of your slides, but what about the content you demonstrated? Genee Visualisers can capture still images and video, allowing this to be played back for students to review.


The Genee Vision Elite II allows you to effortlessly enlarge source materials, pictures and 3D objects and present them to your audience. You can take pictures and record videos, which can then be uploaded to an online resource area or kept for future reference.

Operate without a computer

Many Visualisers need to be connected to a computer to operate, not the Genee Vision Elite II. A PC is only required when recording or editing images.

Great for dark rooms

The Genee Vision Elite II is equipped with an LED arm light as well as a backlight that sheds light on objects so you can display information from things like 3D objects, books, photo films and x-rays even in a dark room.

Great for magnification

The powerful 12x optical zoom function allows you to see detail that is not often visible to the human eye. Combined with the digital zoom you can zoom up to 120x.

Genee Vision ELITE II Specification

Please see specification PDF below for full technical Information.

Camera Sensor CMOS 2.4MP
Pixels 5mp
Optical zoom 12x
Digital Zoom 10x
Camera rotation 0°/90°/180°/270°
Lighting Arm light with brightness adjustmen
Autofocus Yes
White Balance Yes
Negative/Positive Yes
BW/Colour Yes
Image Freeze Yes
Image Split Yes
Image Title Yes
Mirror Yes
Image Rotate 0 ° 90 ° 180 ° 270 
Image save/recall Yes